Green laser

May 9, 2024

Green laser welding technology has been developed to tackle the challenge of welding highly reflective metals, according to a recent report by


a research team in China.


Traditional welding methods often struggle with the welding of metals such as aluminum and copper, which have high reflectivity and thermal


conductivity. However, the research team has found success in using green laser welding, which emits light at a wavelength that is better


absorbed by highly reflective metals than traditional infrared lasers.


By using green laser welding, the team was able to produce high-quality welds on aluminum and copper with low porosity and high joint


efficiency. The researchers also noted that green laser welding allowed for faster welding speeds compared to traditional methods and resulted in


less deformation and lower distortion.


The technology has many potential applications in the manufacturing industry, including in the production of aerospace components and


electronics packaging.


This development represents a significant step forward in the field of welding, opening up new possibilities for the welding of highly reflective


metals. Researchers are hopeful that this technology will lead to more efficient and cost-effective welding processes in the future.


In addition to the benefits of green laser welding, this technology is also more environmentally friendly, producing less smoke and harmful


emissions compared to traditional welding methods.


Overall, the development of green laser welding technology is a promising development in the manufacturing industry, offering new


opportunities for welding highly reflective metals with greater efficiency and less environmental impact.