Gongda Laser CCS-FDC Green Laser Application

May 6, 2024

1. brief description and application scenarios of CCS

CCS integrated busbar: also called battery cover assembly, its main applications include new energy vehicles, energy storage equipment, grid energy storage, smart homes and other fields. For example, in the power grid energy storage system, CCS integrated busbar can realize the circuit connection and energy management of the battery pack, improving the safety and stability of the system. In the field of smart homes, CCS-integrated busbars can be used in battery modules of smart home devices to achieve intelligent management and control of the devices.

1. Signal acquisition components: This includes FDC (flexible circuit board), PCB (printed circuit board), FFC (flexible flat cable), etc.

2. Plastic structural parts: Plastic structural parts are mainly used to support and fix signal acquisition components and other components to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire system.

3. Copper-aluminum busbar: The copper-aluminum busbar is the conductive part of the CCS integrated busbar and is used to realize high-voltage series and parallel connections between cells. Copper and aluminum rows have good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, which can ensure the efficient operation of the battery system.


2. brief introduction to FDC

FDC flexible circuit board (Flexible Die-cutting Circuit) is a kind of PI/PET film with copper foil as the base material. The circuit is formed with a knife die (round knife or flat knife) based on the tape die-cutting industry. Flexible circuit board. Like FPC, FDC can be freely bent, folded, rolled, moved and stretched in three-dimensional space. In theory, it can replace FPC, effectively shorten the production cycle, reduce costs, and make the process more environmentally friendly.

3. Advantages of FDC

Line width and line spacing: Line width and line spacing can reach 0.25–0.3 mm;
Performance guarantee: The performance remains the same as that of traditional FPC products, and the double 85 test 1000H has been completed;

Fuse: The local position can achieve a line width and line spacing of 0.15, thereby realizing the function of a fuse;
Compared with FPC, the length and size of FDC can be far more than 2 times that of FPC, and the maximum length of FDC can be 2-3 meters.


4. Application of Gongda green laser in CCS-FDC cutting

Using the OUHK fiber green laser for FDC line cutting, the minimum line width at the fuse position should be ≥150um, the cutting efficiency should be ≥1000mm/s, and the base film will not be damaged during cutting.


5. CCS-FDC welding application

Use the OUHK’s green laser to conduct welding tests;
• 35~70um rolled copper and FDC welding, peeling force ≥20N, will not damage the bottom insulation layer;
• Welding of 35~70um rolled copper and aluminum bar, peeling force ≥30N.

6. Comparison between green laser processing and traditional processing
Green laser cutting features:
• The cutting section is smooth, without burrs, misalignment, etc.; • Laser cutting is non-contact cutting, and there is no need to replace consumables such as blades; • It has great advantages for special shapes, irregular shapes and transverse cutting panels; • Laser cutting seams The width is narrower, saving copper foil resources; • Laser cutting can achieve real-time power adjustment according to different copper foil thicknesses; • It can also be cut with bottom film;

Features of green laser welding: • Stable welding effect, controllable FDC insulation layer; • Red copper’s 532nm light absorption rate is about 40%; • Small welding spatter; • Small thermal impact;


7. Laser introduction

Good beam quality: The laser beam produced by the green fiber laser has high quality, small spot size and high beam quality, making it suitable for precision machining and high-precision applications.

High energy efficiency: Compared with traditional gas lasers, green fiber lasers have higher energy efficiency, lower energy consumption, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Strong stability: Green fiber laser has good working stability. The beam quality and power output are stable during the working process, and it is suitable for long-term continuous operation.

Easy to integrate: Green fiber lasers are small in size and light in weight, making them easy to integrate into various equipment and are widely used in medical, communications, material processing and other fields.

Tunability: The wavelength of green fiber lasers is usually around 532 nanometers, and the wavelength can be fine-tuned by adjusting device parameters to meet the needs of different applications.

Long life: Green fiber lasers usually have a long life, low maintenance costs, and good economics.

Aiming at the pain points of serious spatter when welding highly reflective materials in the infrared band, OUDA Laser has launched a 500W continuous green light laser solution that uses an all-fiber fundamental frequency plus extracavity frequency doubling, achieving a maximum continuous green light output of more than 500W. It has the advantages of high absorption rate, less spatter, high efficiency, high stability, and high beam quality. The laser can also provide a flexible transmission method coupled to optical fiber, which can more easily match automated control and be used in the welding process of highly reflective materials such as copper. Due to its good output power stability, excellent beam quality, and high absorption rate for highly reflective materials, especially copper, it is expected to be used in 3D printing of pure copper materials.


1. Suitable for welding copper and other highly reflective materials

2. Compared with infrared laser, there are almost no flying exciters during the welding process.

3. Faster absorption and high reproducibility

4. With a higher absorption rate, the copper welding process is completely stable and reliable

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