The kilowatt single-mode continuous green light laser was selected into the "Five-Year Fiber Laser Outstanding Achievements Exhibition."

April 9, 2024

Yesterday, the "Fiber Laser Five-Year Outstanding Achievements Exhibition" event organized by the China Optical Engineering Society announced the selection results. 16 projects were selected for the outstanding list and 42 projects were nominated. OUHK Laser's "1000W single-mode continuous green light fiber laser" was selected into the outstanding list, and its "500W single-mode quasi-continuous green light fiber laser" was nominated.

The "Five-Year Fiber Laser Outstanding Achievements Exhibition" event aims to comprehensively review and display academic achievements in the field of fiber lasers and the development of theories, technologies, and products related to the industrial chain, and to stimulate greater application potential of fiber lasers. This achievement exhibition is divided into three categories according to the entire fiber laser industry chain: "materials and devices, laser systems and application equipment".
The Chinese Optical Engineering Society is a national first-level society approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. Members include scientists, engineering technicians, professors, scholars, and business elites in the field of optics and optical engineering. Through academic exchanges, achievement display, achievement transformation and other forms, society builds a large industry-university-research platform to promote technological innovation in optical engineering, focus on the transformation of optical technology achievements, and promote the engineering of cutting-edge optics for applications.
Shenzhen Gongda Laser Co., Ltd. is a young high-tech intelligent manufacturing enterprise, a national high-tech enterprise, and a Shenzhen specialized and special enterprise. OULD Laser focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of medium- and high-power short wavelength (green and ultraviolet) fiber lasers. Its core products include: "50-200W sub-nanosecond pulsed green laser", "100-500W quasi-continuous green laser", " 500-3000W continuous green light laser", "200-1000W infrared nanosecond pulsed fiber laser".