Green laser application in CCS-FDC cutting

May 10, 2024

Green laser technology has been widely used in various industries due to its exceptional properties, including high energy efficiency, precision,


and accuracy. In this article, we will explore the application of green laser in CCS-FDC cutting.

CCS-FDC stands for carbon composite structure-fiber dry compaction, which is an advanced technology used in the manufacturing of




and defense components. With the increasing demand for lightweight and durable structures, CCS-FDC has gained a lot of attention in recent


years. However, it requires high precision and accurate cutting of the composite material, which can be achieved with the use of green laser



The green lasers, with a wavelength of approximately 532 nm, offers better absorption by carbon fibers compared to other laser types, such as


CO2 and YAG lasers. This results in more efficient and precise cutting performance. Moreover, green laser technology offers a smaller and


more focused beam diameter, allowing for high-quality cuts with minimal thermal damage to the composite material.

Green laser technology also offers the advantage of faster cutting speeds, which is especially important in large-scale industrial applications.


With its high accuracy and speed, a green laser cutting system can significantly reduce production time and costs while maintaining the


desired cutting precision and quality.

Another benefit of using green laser technology is its high flexibility in cutting complex shapes. Since it uses a computer-controlled system, it


can easily adapt to complex geometries and cutting routes, enabling the production of complex composite structures with minimal waste



In conclusion, green laser technology offers significant benefits in CCS-FDC cutting, providing high precision, accuracy, and flexibility in


complex shapes and geometries. As the demand for lightweight and robust components in the aerospace and defense industries continues to


grow, green laser technology is expected to become a crucial tool for achieving high-quality production at a fast pace and low cost.