gongdalaser 2024 Munich Shanghai Optical Expo ended perfectly

April 3, 2024

From March 20th to 22nd, the three-day 18th Munich Shanghai Optical Expo was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition gathered the strength of the global optoelectronic industry and brought together the laser, optics, and optoelectronic industries, as well as upstream and downstream leading companies and technologies in applications.

As a professional manufacturer of green fiber lasers, Gongdalaser unveiled a full range of high-power nanosecond pulsed green fiber lasers, quasi-continuous green fiber lasers, continuous green fiber lasers, and picosecond pulsed green fiber lasers at this exhibition. Green laser products. During the exhibition, we exchanged technical information with industry colleagues and professional customers and discussed industry development. In this exhibition, Gongdalase's booth area is 144 square meters. The decoration style of the booth continues its unique and eye-catching green as the main color, coupled with a simple and elegant design, which is particularly eye-catching and attracts many visitors to stop and visit.
Based on its leading advantages in R&D technology, manufacturing, and application of high-power green fiber lasers, gongdalase continues to make leaps and bounds and is committed to promoting green laser technology in more application fields. At this exhibition, Gongdalase demonstrated to the industry the latest application results of high-power green fiber lasers in lithium batteries, photovoltaics, 3D printing, and other fields.
In the field of lithium batteries, we continue to improve the product matrix through lithium battery laser welding. Currently, we have launched 500–1000W single-mode continuous green light fiber lasers and 1000–3000W multi-mode continuous green light fiber lasers. The applications cover pole pieces, pole posts, and adapters. Welding of sheets, sealing nails, collecting plates, and other processes.
In the photovoltaic field, gongdalase 50–200W nanosecond pulse green fiber laser series products have been successfully used in photovoltaic cell doping, slotting, sintering, and other processes. Gongdalase will continue to seek win-win cooperation and seek global green energy development opportunities with industry partners.
In the field of 3D printing, gongdalase 500–1000W high-power continuous green fiber laser has been maturely used in additive manufacturing of highly reflective and refractory metal materials, covering copper, gold, platinum, aluminum, tantalum, tungsten, etc., and the applicable material range is wide. Among them, the printing density of pure copper is greater than 99.75%, and the conductivity is ≈101.5% IACS. In the future, gongdalase will continue to focus on key technology research to help 3D printing of copper-based metals and various refractory metals make strides towards mass production and commercialization.
With the help of this exhibition, Gongdalase's brand power has been conveyed more broadly and deeply. Its precise market positioning and strong brand effect have been recognized by the industry and many customers. As the pioneer of domestic high-power green fiber lasers, Gongdalase will live up to expectations and continue to provide high-quality laser products and services to the market.